Monday, December 12, 2011

My Bridal Knees Up :)

Yep, that’s me baby....a bride....I still can’t quite match the word up with myself in my head you know, like me? A bride? Are you insane? And like that wasn’t hard enough, being a Bride means having a Hen’s night and that is something I just never ever thought would happen. Like the idea of a typical Hen’s night didn’t interest me much....but then the ladies I work with introduced me to their idea of a Hen’s night and I was sold!

Invitations went out a few weeks ago and all they told us was where to meet.....that we would be doing a local version of The Amazing Race...and to bring food, a picnic blanket and a torch....oh and you had to travel in car loads and did I mention each car / team had to have a theme??? Eeeeeekkkkk.

My team consisted of my gorgeous bridesmaid Ali, my beautiful Mother and two of my longest and most treasured friends, Alice and Alana. Our team decided to run with the Bridal theme, thrown in with some hot pink, some black and some bling! I made all of our shirts with iron on transfers and stick on rhinestones and they came up really well!

OH’s sisters came as the ‘Monsters In Law’ – how cute were their shirts!!

There was also a team of Pirates and Wenches complete with fake tattoos, tea leaf stubble and blacked out teeth– definitely winner of the best costume award

And the Grey Nomads, purely based on colour, not on age!

The night started at a local park where we were given our first challenge. There was a huge slide that went down the side of a hill and you got 10 points for each team member that went down the slide in a certain time frame....I’m sure we looked hilarious but it was so much fun, the worst part was walking back up the hill to do it all again!

Next it was back in the cars with 3 pages worth of cryptic clues to guide us on our race....along the way there were various questions to answer and challenges to complete, it was so much fun, although we did get horribly lost, we still managed to have a ball doing it! After making our was around most of Sandy Bay, Taroona and Kingston, our team arrived at the final destination (albeit half an hour after everyone else.....) which was a stunning property with an equally stunning garden. The other teams had set up all the picnic blankets and food down by the pond and we had ourselves a very civilised waterfront picnic.

Then it was time for games! There was ring toss....I think you can imagine what we were throwing rings on....and using my Hen’s Night super powers I actually got one on!! OH’s sister also managed to get one on so I think this means she is next in line!!! And we also had a bit of a scavenger hunt which saw ladies running around the property like women possessed....obviously because the prize was chocolates!!

And what Hen’s Night would be complete without a jelly cake???

And here is the cake I made to take on the night too :) It was part of our theme as it matched the one on my top!

So whilst our team may not have won the race, it didn’t matter...I am very lucky and feel very honoured that people went to so much trouble for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better night or better people to spend it with.

Em x

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