Monday, September 12, 2011

On The Road Again....

This year I was lucky enough to receive an all expenses paid weekend away to St Helens (on the east coast of Tassie) as a birthday gift from Mum and Dad. They thought it would be a nice chance for OH and I to have a relaxing weekend away together before wedding fever sets in and they were right. We had the most beautiful, relaxing and peaceful weekend. Let me show you why....

When we arrived in the room there was a huge box of chocolates and a card waiting from Mum and Dad....

The view from the deck at our room....

On the first night we were treated to a delicious 3 course meal in the resort's restaurant so of course we took the opportunity to get all dressed up! It was a lovely evening, sitting in our big leather chairs, enjoying our delicious 3 course meal whilst taking in the ocean doesn't get much better then that!

We were also lucky enough to have a continental breakfast included in our package and by god did we make the most of it! We stuffed ourselves with fresh fruit, yoghurt, muesli and hot buttery toast all washed down with a hot cup of tea and that kept us going all day!

First stop for the day was The Shop in the Bush - a bric a brac shop out in the middle of nowhere where we spent up big on vintage jewellery and even did some early Christmas shopping!

Then we went back down the road to Binalong Bay. The views were just stunning and we spent a long time clambering and climbing over the rocks along the beach, exploring the rock pools and just being big kids and you know what, it felt great! Although OH did manage to get nipped by a crab....but let's be honest, it was hilarious!

In the afternoon we stopped at a beach down near Scamander and played in the sand. Just something about being with the people you love, being out in the fresh air, it just makes you feel alive....

That night we took ourselves down to the waterfront for a swanky dinner at a restaurant built out over the water. Another night filled with gorgeous water views and amazing food!

The next morning we arrived bright and early for brekkie and filled our table up with another smorgasboard of fruit, cereal, yoghurt, toast, tea, coffee and of course, the newspaper! We literally did not eat for the rest of the day!! We had a pretty full on day though so we needed all that extra energy! We took the long route home so we could stop at a few spots on the way. The first one we stopped at was St Columbus Falls and at a height of 90m, they really were an amazing sight.

Our next stop was just up the road at Russel Falls....unfortunately there wasn't alot of water coming over the falls, but the view out over the valley was worth the walk in.

And our last stop on the journey home was at Legerwood. Many many years ago a row of trees was planted in the main street as a memorial to all the soldiers from the town who had fought and died in WW1, but as time passed the trees were deemed to be dangerous and it was decided they were to be cut down. A local artist came to the rescue and using a chainsaw, made these amazing wood carvings out of the trees. Each one represents a soldier from the town and his particular story. Not only do they look incredible, but I think they make a lovely memorial to the town's fallen soldiers.

And that was our weekend away!

As always it was nice to get home, but sad that such an amazing trip had to come to an end! Not long now till the wedding and our mini-moon though!! And after the excitement from all that dies down, we have the honeymoon!! Exciting times ahead!!

Em x

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