Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Toy :)

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that I had got my learner's license for a motorbike...well apparently to make some use of that, you need a motorbike! So this weekend OH and I travelled to Burnie which is 3.5 hours drive away and at the other end of the state to us.

We have a massive problem with eating too much rubbish on road trips, bags of lollies, boxes of shapes, it's horrid, so this time I decided to plan ahead....I got up early and made OH an egg and bacon roll for brekkie and I made myself a fruit salad, I also made OH a huge ham salad roll and myself a pumpkin and feta salad and we were set!

It was a massive drive, a very long day, we drove through snow, rain, we found some sunshine then we lost it again but we came home with my new bike, my new baby...I know I still need alot of practise before I hit the road, but at least now I have a bike to do it on! Yay!

And all the healthy food we packed stopped us snacking despite being bored stupid for 7 hours in the car! Double yay!!

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend x


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