Friday, February 3, 2012

Raspberry and Lime Cordial

I've never made cordial before, to be honest I wasn't aware that I could.....I know I know, I'm sorry. But I saw a recipe in a magazine recently and I had to give it a go - mainly because there was another recipe where you used the cordial to make jelly and we are a jelly loving household here plus I am going through a raspberry and lime phase at the moment, I have raspberry honey and lime honey on my crumpets for breakfast, much to Mr B's disgust, so there was no question about it really, we were making cordial!

This recipe made around 1L of cordial syrup and you use it just like any other cordial syrup you buy - so you take maybe 30-50 ml and top it up with water to make up your 1L cordial bottle. If I was to make it again I would probably cut down the sugar and increase the lime juice, but that's down to personal preference really, it's still delicious and refreshing either way!

All you need is

1kg fresh or frozen raspberries
3.5 cups caster sugar
2 cups lime juice

Combine all the ingredients in a large saucepan over medium high heat.

Cook for 5-10 mins to allow the sugar to dissolve then bring it up to simmering point and allow it to cook for another 10-15 mins or until it thickens slightly and the raspberries have all broken up.

Remove from heat and allow to cool.

Now comes the fun part - pour the mixture through a fine sieve into a container or jug (it really doesn't sound that bad now but I wish I had a proper sieve when I did it, a tea strainer just was not appropriate!!)

As long as the syrup is in a bottle / jug with a lid it should last in the fridge for up to 12 months.

Stay tuned because in a few day I'll show you how to use the syrup to make jelly!

Mrs B x

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