Thursday, June 19, 2014


What is up with time at the moment?

It seems every time I blink or turn around another week has passed.

Another week in which I haven't posted on the blog because I haven't cooked anything new or exciting or different.

Another week where I've outgrown a significant portion of my wardrobe.

And another week closer to meeting our little Baby B.

I wish I had a good explanation for you like that we have been holidaying somewhere remote with no internet access or that our social calendar has been jam packed or even that we have been taking classes in something super exciting, but the truth is we have just been enjoying the whole pregnancy thing.

Our spare room has been transformed into a gorgeous nursery that still takes me by surprise every time I walk down the hallway and our weekends disappear somewhere in a haze of baby shopping and lazing around taking turns feeling the Rocky Balboa style kicking that provides us with an endless source of delight and entertainment.

So I know things have been a bit quiet here and I'm working on it, but at the moment we have some serious baby brain going on!

Mr and Mrs (and Baby) B xx

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