Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Catching Up.....

So I've been coming here a few times over the last few days to update because I like to do it every few days if I can. But I have sat here so many nights staring at the screen waiting for an entry to type itself....I haven't been cooking, I haven't been doing much of anything, I wanted to come write a blog just to say hello and I'm still here but it just didn't happen. Truth be told, my head has been all over the show. A long time ago, when I was at school I was all sorts of messed up, my head hurt all the time, my mood swings were ridiculous, I just wanted to be on my own and truth be told I spent a hell of alot of time sitting on my floor, balling my eyes out, music cranking, razor blade at the ready....luckily I never did anything too stupid and the scars were so tiny they faded long ago. It took a long time but I realised one of the main triggers was listening to certain music, don't ask me why, but normally I can keep a hold on it, but certain music just knocks me for six. Anyway OH and I were going through our CD's last weekend to try and finalise the wedding music and he pulled out this CD that I had long forgotten about. I thought seeing as so many years had passed and I haven't had any trouble, maybe I would be strong enough to listen to it and just enjoy it. Turns out I can't. I just can't seem to snap out of it and in the last few days I've been flipping from ridiculously happy to sitting on the floor in tears to utter inner peace so often it's making my head just bear with me while I sort this out please?

In the mean time, here is what I had for tea tonight...would you believe it's just 600g pumpkin, 1 capsicum, 1 bunch spring onions, 1 head brocolli, 100g mushrooms and 1 zucchini in a fry pan with 350g sesame tofu and 2 tspns crushed garlic? Yuuuuummmm and so simple!

And I have spent the last few days in Melbourne at a conference for work...OMG the christmas windows at Myer were up, I mean I love the christmas windows but wow early much?!

And check this out...was gorgeous to wake up to this morning :)

And last but certainly not least....Cinderella and her Prince Charming :)

Last Friday night OH and I went to a charity ball with my work...we didn't have alot of money to throw around but it was something different as we don't go to events where you get to frock up in long gowns and I can get the boy into a tie very often so we made the most of it and had a really fantastic night :)

Em x

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